Sports – Coaches

Sports and Coaches

Bernardian Sportsmanship

  • Bernardian athletes are representatives of our school at all times. They are expected to behave as young gentlemen and ladies. Athletes are expected to wear appropriate attire at practices and the correct uniforms to games. They are to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner toward their team mates and competitors.
  • St. Bernard’s takes pride in its reputation as a school practices its motto “Deeds not Words.” All members of our community are reminded that Bernardian students, parents, families, fans, administrators, faculty and staff do not support “booing” or the making of derogatory comments at any time.
  • Bernardians strive to be models of good sportsmanship and to always treat others as they wish to be treated.

Team sports are supervised by our Athletic Director Steve Maki with parent volunteers coaching individual teams.

Requirements for all coaches:

 One Time:
✔ Fingerprinting via the Diocese of Worcester – One time – Proof of fingerprinting recorded at STB

✓ Safe Environment training online – One time – Certificate recorded at STB and the Diocese of Worcester

✓Code of Ministerial Conduct – One time – Signature page recorded at STB

Every Year:
✓ CORI – Via the Diocese of Worcester – Required every year

✓ Concussion Safety Training online- Certificate recorded at STB

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