Religious life

Religious Life

Bishop Robert McManus and Gabriel Lopez

Bishop Robert McManus and Gabriel Lopez

We celebrate the Liturgy with Fr. Dolan in the school cafeteria. Please join us! Parents and loved ones are welcomed guests as we gather together in celebration.

Historic Windows

Our school is blessed to have two beautiful stained glass windows. Both stained glass windows were originally in St. Bernard‘s Church on Water Street and were gifted to us when that Church closed. The lobby window is the Church seal which was the model for our school seal done in mosaics on the opposite wall of the lobby when this building was opened in 1966. The second window which hangs in the window of the upper hallway is a youthful St. Bernard of Clairveaux, our patron saint. These beautiful windows connect our 21st century Bernardians with the parishioners of the 19th century who not only built our parish church but our original school which opened in 1886. These windows are symbols of our faith and reminders of the gifts left to us by Bernardians of long ago.


Currently nine of our faculty hold their Master Catechist Certificate indicating that they have met the standards set by the Office for Religious Education in the Diocese of Worcester. These faculty members have completed the course of study required by the Office which includes the following coursework: Introduction to the Ministry of the Catholic School Teacher, Church History, Scripture, Introduction to the Creed, Christian Morality and Sacramental Theology.

*Mrs. Mary Hamelin is certified by the Archdiocese of Boston.

Seven other faculty members are actively working towards this Certificate.

Mrs. Jane Doiron

Mrs. Deborah Gallagher

Mrs. Mary Hamelin

Mrs. Margaret Maki

Mrs. Paula Pelletier

Mrs. Lisa Valera

Mrs. Deborah Wright


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