Our Daily Lunch Menu

St, Bernard’s Elementary School has partnered with Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School to offer a hot lunch program from Monday through Thursday, giving our parents the opportunity to purchase hot lunches.  We are pleased to be working with Monty Tech, which also provides meals for other schools and programs in the Fitchburg area.

Every Friday is pizza day at STB. Pizza is $1.75 per slice. 

Click below to view or download the newest menu.

How to order Hot Lunch

    1. The lunch menu acts as your order form. 
    2. Write the child’s name and grade on the form.
    3. Return the lunch order menu, along with cash or check, made payable to St. Bernard’s Elementary School, to the Main Office.
    4. Lunches may be ordered by the week or month. Menus are due back to the office the week prior to the next lunch week. 

Helpful Lunch Program Information

    • Additional menus will be available outside the front office.
    • Students who bring their own lunches may purchase milk from the cafeteria.
    • Meals are preordered. Additional meals cannot be added to the current week.
    • A child who has forgotten a lunch, will have one provided by the cafeteria. Families will receive a bill from the cafeteria.
    • If a student is sick, no reimbursement from the school for that meal is available nor can Monty Tech be held responsible for such reimbursement.
    • Food brought in by carry-out restaurants is not allowed.
    • Glass bottles or excessive amounts of candy should not be brought to lunch.
    • Credit from the Lunch Program will be provided for a meal missed when school is canceled due to inclement weather. All lunch credits need to be used in the current school year.